Monday, March 3, 2014

Picture Perfect Penmanship

Every time I scroll through Instagram, I can only laugh at how our world has become one where our online lives need to be styled picture perfect in social media. This is the only logical reason I can come up for the number of times I have encountered detailed articles on "how to style your coffee table." It's a coffee table. It doesn't always have to have a "style."

(My coffee table styling tip? "Put whatever stuff you like on it but realize you are going to be shoving it all out of the way so you can eat dinner off the coffee table while watching the Oscars Red Carpet Show. Also, it's normal for the remote control to be on the coffee table. You don't have to pretend it isn't." )

And I get the whole perfectly styled picture. I mean, I have done it myself. And I know there is usually a pile of mess like two inches away from the frame of my picture. But within that picture frame? My God, my life is like a magazine shoot. So with that thought in mind, I like to think--however cynical it may be--that everyone's photographed perfection is just two inches from a total mess and I never get a complex or jealous from other people's perfect pictures. 

Except for the handwriting posts. 

With greater frequency, people seem to be posting little handwritten notes/scriptures/grocery lists in perfect little spiral notebooks on Instagram all written in the most perfect penmanship ever. And I will be honest, I rarely read what the note actually says. Instead, I am giving the picture a side-eye and thinking is "I wonder how many times they had to write that before they got it perfect enough to post." 

Or do I really live in a world where that many people can write that perfectly on the first try?

As much as I love the art of penmanship, I barely hand write anything any more.  All of my notes/grocery lists/to do lists are kept in Notes on my iPhone. On the fly to-do lists and meeting notes at work are written so quickly that they look like hieroglyphics. 

So maybe I just have penmanship envy; I can live with it. Just remember, MY COFFEE TABLE IS STYLED BETTER THAN YOURS. (It's not. Promise.) 


Photo 15


Coffee mug, (half of) the Apple logo, spiral notebook, pen. Picture perfect nailed it.

Except for the stains on the coffee mug, I guess. And my pen is upside down.

And there is a giant pile of unsorted mail two inches away from that coffee mug.

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