Monday, February 10, 2014

Barre bar ponderings

A few Saturdays ago, the barre class I was in had reached the point every barre workout reaches where the shaking in my legs makes me wonder what would happen if I just walked out. I mean, I don't actually know anyone in the class so it would just be strangers judging me if I quit.

But I am not a quitter.  And the fact that the mental smack down I  give myself daily about the size of my thighs is not healthy and I feel a little better about it if I am being proactive about making them not so gigantic.  These two facts alone had me searching around the classroom for something, anything,  to focus on besides how much tiny little barre movements can hurt so much. 

And then I noticed the tattoo on the girl in front of me at the barre (bar? barre bar?).

"Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose."

Okay, I loved Friday Night Lights. The first season of the show and the second and third seasons of West Wing are the quality standards by which I judge all other television shows.  But much like I do not have "Barlett for America" tattooed anywhere on me, I do not have the signature line of Friday Night Lights inked on me anywhere either.

I mean I guess a line of dialogue is not unlike having a cartoon character or something else arbitrary tattooed on you. And even if the phrase has a deeper meaning than just Coach Taylor said it and you loved it, I feel like you would definitely be setting yourself up for a lifetime of "So, a big <insert TV show name> fan, huh?" 

But it did get me thinking about TV show catch phrase tattoo possibilities. Now, I do not watch a lot of TV. I am always the person who answers no to the question "Did you see the latest episode of/Have you Netflix binge-watched <Insert popular TV/Netflix/Whatever technology all you people are using now show>? But I do watch Big Bang Theory. And I think Sheldon Cooper's favorite catchprase "Bazinga!" might be a pretty great tattoo. Or it would at least give the person behind me in barre something to think about.

And the best part all of these thoughts? By the time I had them all, the worst of the barre workout was over.

(Full disclosure: I do not have any tattoos and unless a third-life crisis pummels me over into a wave of insanity, I probably will never have one.  It is just not my thing. And unless it's a line from a television show that I actually happened to watch and I am trapped in the workout studio from ballet-inspired-hell, I barely even notice them on other people let alone judge them for it.)

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  1. I tried a Barre class. I see one just opened up in Bethesda :-) It was pretty intense...and not the ballerina moving class like I thought it would be...I was sore for a few days.

    Tattoos are soooooo not my thing. I don't like them...will never get one!

    Hope you are doing well!