Wednesday, May 9, 2012

There's a KitchenAid Mixer in my living room.

I honestly have the best landlord. I could list a million of the amazing things that he has done for me over the years but none caused as much glee for me as when he told me he was remodeling my kitchen as a treat for me. He knows how much I love baking and how much I use the kitchen. And the old kitchen was just a bit of hodge podge. Functional but nothing fancy. So my landlord and I worked together to come up with a new kitchen design.

The plan was that the kitchen would be remodeled while I was in London sipping tea and eating crustless sandwiches so that it would minimize the disruption on my life.

I was not naïve enough to think I would return from my trip and the entire kitchen project would be done. I read enough DIY blogs to know better, to know that things do get delayed.

But I was not adequately prepared for how much it would be delayed. More specifically, I was not prepared to go without water in my kitchen for 10 days after my return from London.

And the universe was not adequately prepared for how poorly I would react to the delays. How poorly I would react to having my KitchenAid Mixer on the living room floor for an extended period of time.

IMG 8210

I can roll with most of what life throws at me on daily basis. I am human; I get annoyed and frustrated. But I also have a decent sense of humor and perspective.

But when I am tired or unorganized, all bets are off. And in those moments Rebecca Rage makes an appearance.

Last week, I was jetlagged and the entire contents of my kitchen was in reusable grocery bags in my living room. After a week of eating vacation food, I just wanted to cook my own meals. Rebecca Rage was in full effect. On several occasions, I had full-blown meltdowns.


“Are you sure that you want to paint walls grey? I WANT SOOTHING GREEN!!!”

“So no functioning sink UNTIL NEXT TUESDAY?!”

By Saturday, I am pretty sure my landlord, the contractor, and the countertop makers were playing a “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock” tournament to see who had to tell me about the latest delay.

During my meltdowns, I was fully aware of the ridiculousness. That complaining about remodeling delays was about as silly as complaining that a diamond was too sparkly or that a sports car goes too fast. But yet, when not everything is in its place, it is just so easy to lose my cool and lose perspective. Even over things that I would normally not.

On Monday, the countertops and sink were installed and the kitchen was starting to look like a kitchen again. My landlord stopped over to see the progress and noticed that my rage level had dropped considerably since he had last seen me and he asked “So can we laugh about this yet?”

When my KitchenAid mixer is actually in my kitchen, I will laugh. I promise.

(And I totally won the Soothing Green paint argument. Everyone involved has since conceded that it is the perfect color for the combination of no natural light, light wood cabinets, and dark granite. Never doubt my ability to pick good paint colors. I study the paint sample feature of House Beautiful every month harder than most kids study for the SATs.)

(And I will recap the kitchen before and after as soon as there is an actual after.)


  1. So exciting!!! It will be SO worth it once you have a new kitchen.....

  2. Sounds like London was wonderful but I am definitely not jealous of your poor living room/kitchen situation! On the bright side, your kitchenaid looks kind of cool with your rug!

  3. I was kind of loving the green apple color of my mixing with my living room color scheme. I would have never thought to pair them together until my mixer was sitting there. One positive of the mess!