Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Take Note {And Write a Note} Tuesday: Laughing Elephant Birthday Cards

Very often, I wonder the meaning of the word "vintage." Because to me vintage is anything from the 1960s and earlier. But as time progresses, I guess that cutoff will bump up a decade or two.

But I struggle with people calling fashion items from 10 years ago "vintage." In no way is the GAP denim jacket circa 2002 that I dug out over the weekend to wear over a sundress "vintage." Beloved, soft, comfy. Yes. All of these things. But not vintage.

There is, however, a category of non-vintage vintage that I am okay with. And that is "vintage-looking." And I am in love with these vintage looking birthday cards from Laughing Elephant. Loaded with images from the 1950s, these age-specific cards are quite adorable!

Screen shot 2012 04 15 at 7 25 55 PM

I believe it is somewhere around your 25th birthday that birthday cards proclaiming your age become not-so-cool. Even if they involve cute barnyard animals. Because at that age and those that follow you becoming acutely aware that you yourself are becoming vintage but hopefully not quite yet vintage-looking.

Purchase these birthday cards and so many others {here}.

Each Tuesday I feature the most adorably delightfully beautifully stunning notebooks and stationery that I can find. I love love LOVE notebooks. I have a vast collection of notebooks that I either own or admire from afar. And stationery is just as fun. Because writing sweet notes is fun. Because getting mail is even more fun. Previous Take Note Tuesdays can be found {here}.

Have you seen or bought a notebook or journal or stationery that you love love LOVE? Send a link to it to me at iwbadg@gmail.com and it could be featured in an upcoming Take Note {And Write a Note} Tuesday!

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