Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Take Note {And Write a Note} Tuesday: Rawrrr

In a perfect world, I would feature dinosaur stationery here every week. But somehow, I do not think the world is as enamored with dinosaurs as I am. Where is Ross Gellar when you need him?

But I think even those who are indifferent to dinosaurs will find this card by Hairbrained Schemes adorable.

Screen shot 2012 04 22 at 8 01 58 AM


Purchase this card {here}.

Each Tuesday I feature the most adorably delightfully beautifully stunning notebooks and stationery that I can find. I love love LOVE notebooks. I have a vast collection of notebooks that I either own or admire from afar. And stationery is just as fun. Because writing sweet notes is fun. Because getting mail is even more fun. Previous Take Note Tuesdays can be found {here}.

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  1. Love it!! Dinosaurs are awesome! I've already told Joe that if we ever have a little boy his room will totally be decked out in dinos!

  2. This print would be SO cute framed and hung in a nursery.