Monday, April 9, 2012

Snack of the Week: Swiss Miss Marshmallow Madness Hot Cocoa

Cravings are such a funny thing. Last week, given the opportunity to laugh in the face of every good nutrition recommendation, I would have eaten Lucky Charms cereal for every meal and every snack. It was all I wanted.

And my Lucky Charm Love is really all about those brightly colored stale marshmallows.

And naturally, the minute I walked I past the Swiss Miss Marshmallow Madness hot cocoa mix in Target, I was drawn to those same stale marshmallows.

IMG 8028

Much like their Peep-form, marshmallows taste better to me when they have that little crunch of staleness.

And Swiss Miss gets my kudos for putting the cocoa mix and marshmallows in separate packets.

IMG 8029

One needs the opportunity to stir the cocoa mix into the hot water until smooth before adding the marshmallows. When the mix and marshmallows are in the same packet, the marshmallows dissolve before the cocoa is drinkable.

IMG 8030

The perfect antidote to the chilly spring breeze that float through my window during my evenings reading in my comfy chair!

IMG 8031

And the marshmallows are still my favorite part.

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