Monday, April 23, 2012

Snack of the Week: Jet Puffed Mallow Bites

Sometimes the promise that wishing really hard for something will make it happen proves true. Especially when that wish is a Snack of the Week post dedicated to my love of the small, crispy (possibly best described as "stale") marshmallows found in hot cocoa mixes and in Lucky Charms.

Because shortly after I published that post, I received a tweet from Laura that Kraft now sells canisters of my favorite kind of marshmallows.

IMG 8134

Currently available in vanilla and peppermint flavors, the canisters give the option to sprinkle...

IMG 8138

...or to pour the tiny, crispy marshmallow bites.

IMG 8137

Or if you love them as much as me, just take the lid off and dig in.

Wishes are the best when they come true. Especially marshmallow wishes.

Snack of the Week is a weekly feature where I profile the best snack that I am eating. Equal parts healthy and indulgent are how I aspire (and sometimes fail) to eat my way through life and I try to reflect in these snacks. All snacking is done with a budget-friendly mindset as well. To read previous Snacks of Week, click here.

If you have any suggestions for snacks you would like me to try and profile, please email me at Unless it is super weird or expensive, I will probably try it.




  1. Interesting.... now just make sure you don't confuse that canister with your parmesan cheese canister and you'll be good! :0)

  2. haha that is fantastic. Saturday I was in the supermarket and saw marshmallow oaties and just had to get them. I haven't had lucky charms in years! So good.