Monday, April 16, 2012

Snack of the Week: Citrus Meringue Cookies

Crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy inside, and minimal calories each, meringue cookies are such a perfect springtime treat. While I have been known to knock back a few of the store-bought Miss Meringue cookies, I have never made them from scratch that I can remember! But I was inspired the colored meringue swirls on the cover the current Martha Stewart magazine to give it a try over the weekend.

IMG 8109

As with any Martha Stewart project, I went in acknowledging that my cookies would not be cover model ready but I also do not employ a team of pastry chefs and food stylists. I am only one non-Martha Stewart person!!!

My cookies were not quite as smooth on top as the cookies in the magazine. I had to adjust the temperature setting for this recipe to 225 degrees. 200 degrees was just not baking the cookies in the time frame offered in the recipe. It was pretty warm here in DC this weekend so I am thinking that might have impacted the baking process.

IMG 8120

This recipe add a citrus twist to the traditional vanilla meringue but adding in orange and lemon zest to match the colorful swirls of the egg white and sugar mixture. I was feeling a little adventurous so I did lime as well.

IMG 8121

They are so simple and pretty! The meringue cookie mixture is easy to make; the tedious part of the process is the long baking time. Worth the effort though, they would be the perfect treat for showing school spirit or something of that nature!

Snack of the Week is a weekly feature where I profile the best snack that I am eating. Equal parts healthy and indulgent are how I aspire (and sometimes fail) to eat my way through life and I try to reflect in these snacks. All snacking is done with a budget-friendly mindset as well. To read previous Snacks of Week, click here.

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  1. Those are so so pretty! And they sound tasty.

  2. Those look so pretty and summery (and delicious!)

  3. Whoa! I think your cookies look fantastic!