Friday, April 27, 2012

Six Trips Down Memory Lane (Including the worst school picture. Ever.)

Over the past few weeks, I have been given a few blogger awards or tagged in posts by other a few great bloggers, Ginger Girl, Sweet 2 Eat Baking, and Cupcake Crazy Gem. It has made me smile because I have been blogging for a pretty long time and I never have had either of these things happen to me and now, three! And in my excitement, I have gotten behind in following up with all of them so I am going to consolidate them in one post!

The spirit of all of the tags and awards is sharing random facts about yourself. Which when you have been blogging for a while is harder than expected; I think I have shared almost all of my randomness. But I happened to be digging through a box of childhood photos the other day and was inspired to share Six Trips Down Memory Lane.

Trip #1: The Easter Egg Hunt
We were talking about Easter egg hunts in the office the other day and I proclaimed I had never been on one. I lied, apparently. This was at the Northern Michigan Air Force Base where I was born shortly before my dad retired from the Air Force and we moved to the Wisconsin town where my parents grew up where I then grew up. I am glad to know that even at a year old, I knew that if I were wearing leggings, I needed to make sure my bottom was completely covered.


Trip #2: The Perm
I have naturally curly hair. When I was little, it was SUPER curly. Now, I tame it down most days but if I let it air dry (which I only have time to do on the weekends), it is still really curly. When I was a little younger than four, my older sisters were babysitting me and decided to give me a home perm. On top of my natural curls that rivaled Little Orphan Annie's. The result?


My mom was not amused. (And note that the Sunday coupons are on the couch next to me. Even at that age, I found coupon clipping cathartic.)

Trip #3: The Cabbage Patch Kid
And the bunny puppet in the picture above was I guess is now called a "lovey" when I little. That thing that I always had to have when I went to bed. My mom still has it; it's still really soft. But the bunny went into the toy box archives when I turned four and received a Cabbage Patch Kid for my birthday. His first name was so awful that I filed the legal Cabbage Patch paperwork to change his name to Brian. He went everywhere with me; I still have him actually.


(I am kind of digging my outfit in that picture; I'd wear that now! Four year old me was styling!)

Trip #4: The Pink Dress
From pictures in my Facebook feed last weekend, it was obvious that it was First Communion weekend at my church back home. And prior to my First Communion, I sat with my mom and studied the JC Penny catalog and demanded the pink dress even when the tradition is a white dress. And my mom agreed. And we got our way even though I remember it being quite the controversy.


Trip #5: The Cat
One day, I went with my dad to the farm of one of his friends. And we came home with a cat. A very nice cat that I grew up with but whose litter box I refused to change. Thankfully, she slept in the bathroom and after watching everyone go to the bathroom, she potty trained herself. Best. Cat. Ever.  And the only cat I will ever like. I am just not a cat person. And if my eyes have any contact with cat hair, I have the worst devil-red-eye reaction.



And yep, totally samurai swords on the shelf in the background.

Trip #6: The Fifth Grade School Picture
I have always had a good laugh when I have shared some really bad school pictures with y'all. I have about thirteen years worth of them. The mullet. The pleather jacket senior picture. All you can do is look at them and realize how far you've come, right? Well, until now the worst school picture IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD has been missing in action. Possibly because I thought I destroyed them all. But one wallet-sized print of it has resurfaced. I don't think it even needs an introduction. Or an explanation. (Though maybe I now know why when everyone else in the class got a role in the fifth grade Easter play, the teacher told me that I was better suited behind the scenes. Ouch. )



You're welcome.

Have a great weekend, friends!


  1. haha this was great thanks for sharing your random facts with the trip down memory lane! I remember how in love I was with cabbage patch kids too! I can't believe your teacher told you you'd be better suited behind the scenes, so mean! I love that you can appreciate all the old pics with good humour and you're right it does show how far we've come! I usually hate looking at pictures of my 12/13 year old self thinking why didn't I know about hair straighteners sooner! but I guess it's all good fun after all!

  2. Haha, love this post so much! Digging the hair way back my friend! I used to have pretty similar glasses in the day too, hehe.

  3. I swear I was like 27 before I figured out how to actually do my hair. I cringe at every picture prior to that. haha.