Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Re-buttoning It Up

Every spring and every autumn, I go on a mission to find an in-between season jacket. I announce the specifications of this mission to everyone within earshot.  A coat that is warm enough in the chilly mornings but not so warm that I sweat walking home. A coat that is timeless more than trendy. A coat that does not cost too much.

A coat that I am pretty sure does not exist.

Every year, my mission is declared a failure and the weather changes to either the freezing cold of winter when I wear my winter coat (which I never have a problem finding) or the blasting heat of summer where you consider how many layers you can take off while stay maintaining a modicum of decency.

While digging through my off-season stash of clothing a few weeks ago, I found the product of the only mid-season jacket mission that was ever declared successful. A kelly green Banana Republic belted trench coat circa 2006. It was my perfect mid-season coat. Except it had the cheapest buttons ever on it and they kept popping off or the green button covers were falling apart.

IMG 7816

Rather than part with it or, heaven forbid, sew buttons on, I balled it up and stored it away. And promptly forgot about it.

This year though was different. After staring at every button for sale on for an entire Sunday afternoon, I had 14 buttons on their way to me. Fourteen fun buttons.

IMG 7814

And after watching a youtube video on how to sew a button, I had a perfect in-between season jacket, complete with fun buttons.

IMG 8125

IMG 8127

Mission accomplished. Just in time for the temperature to hit the upper 80s.


  1. Those buttons are gorgeous and really make a difference to the coat x x

  2. That's awesome!

  3. Good idea, I should do that too :-)


    PS: I found you via Sweet Eat!

  4. I love how these buttons change the whole look! Adorable! Great job.

  5. Thank you! I am in love with the look of it too!