Thursday, April 26, 2012

{my sweet dc}: Alexandria Cupcake

Each week I play a tourist with a sweet tooth in the city I currently call home, Washington, DC visiting bakeries, ice cream shoppes, maybe even a food truck or two.  I visit a sweet destination in the DC Metro area, tell its story, and review the delicious treat or treats that I tried there. But I will also tell you what else you can do when visit that place: shops, tourists destinations, restaurants, and how you can get there via public transportation. So sit back and enjoy a sweet trip. For more on how {my sweet dc} started, click {here}.

And after a Lenten pause, {my sweet dc} is back! But I must admit that the forty day sweet and treats detox left me craving sweets a whole lot less than before.  I am not even sure I recognize myself anymore.  But I will do my best to keep {my sweet dc} alive in (very) tiny bites.

Two weekends ago, we had the most gloriously sunshiney weather here in DC. Patio cafes were filled and everyone seemed genuinely happy. And then it got really hot and it was not quite so nice. But just before it got really hot out on Sunday afternoon, I met up with my friend Natalie and her daughter, my best cupcake testing pal, Miss Audrey, for a stroll through Old Town Alexandria and stop in Alexandria Cupcake.

IMG 8104

Nestled amongst the rowhouse businesses that dot King Street, this cupcakery came highly recommended to me by so many people so I was excited to give it a try!

IMG 8098

The Sweet Factor: I had a vanilla raspberry cupcake. The cake portion was light as was the frosting. There was nothing heavy about these cupcakes.  I never think to make raspberry frosting but I just might have to know because the flavor is incredible. Audrey and Natalie had a strawberry cupcake and a lemon cupcake. And Audrey approved of both.

IMG 8099

The DC Factor: King Street is just a fun street to walk along. Full of restaurants and boutiques. And one random block of outlet stores that I have always found weird. And there's a new Anthropologie on King Street too!  Walk to the end of King Street and you will hit the waterfront which is always a fun place to stroll along and people watch.

IMG 8101

Frosting and sprinkles and other things of note: Alexandria Cupcake is very cozy inside. It is like stepping into someone's home almost. There is just one table to sit at but there is a bench outside. *** Cupcakes cost $3.00 each.

Getting there: Alexandria Cupcake is located at 1022 King Street in Alexandria. Take the blue or yellow line on Metro to King Street and Alexandria Cupcake is just a few blocks away.

IMG 8100

The Sparkle Factor: It is the coziest cupcakery I have been to yet. The staff is perfectly pleasant and the cupcakes are perfectly delicious!  A perfect place to stop in while strolling down the street!

IMG 8102

Visit the Alexandria Cupcake website {here} for more information.


  1. Funny story - Kyle and I have stopped here several times. They have vegan cupcakes on the menu and every time we stop, we ask if they have any available. Their answer is always, "No, but you can special order some." OK, that would require 1. planning ahead and 2. that Kyle would like to eat a dozen cupcakes. Then, one time, the cashier offered to go halfsies with Kyle on an order. I thought, can't you just make some, you work here? It was weird.

    I still enjoy their cupcakes.

  2. Adorable pic of your mini taste-tester :)

  3. I was so excited to see your post! I'm getting married next month (to Aaron from your old office), and we just completed a thorough taste test of Alexandria bakeries to find cupcakes for the wedding. Alexandria Cupcake was by far our winner. As a regular reader, I highly regard you opinion on cupcakes and am glad you know you approve of AC!

  4. how have I never been here?! is it new? must stop.

    also, have you been to lavender moon cupcakery in old town?

  5. Jen, I am so excited for you and Aaron!!!! And taste-testing cupcakes for the wedding had to be the best part of wedding planning, right?

  6. I don't think it is super new but there are so many cupcake places in DC that it's hard to keep track.

    I have not been to Lavender Moon yet but their cupcakes were served at my farewell lunch when I switched jobs. They were good!

  7. She's the cutest, isn't she!?

  8. It seems like more and more cupcake places here are making the vegan cupcakes part of the regular daily menu. With all of the food allergies and dietary considerations, there is certainly the demand. I love that the cashier offered to go halfsies though. haha!