Friday, April 13, 2012

My "Classic" Movie Education Starts Now

Until I worked in my current office, I had absolutely no clue that I lived under that idiomatic rock. I thought that the things I did were normal and more importantly, that the things I had not done were in no way unusual.

But that all changed the minute I uttered the words "I have never had Chinese food" in conversation at the office one day.

Time stopped, jaws dropped, collective WHATs! were gasped.  And I crawled back under my rock and started redecorating it.

For the record, I really had never had Chinese food. Northern Wisconsin was not exactly filled with diverse cuisine when I was growing up there (it still isn't) and the nearest Chinese food restaurant was at least an hour or two drive away from my hometown. And then when I moved away to college and grad school to cities with Chinese food restaurants, the desire to eat it was never there for me. So I never did.  I have eaten at PF Chang's since that office conversation. While not authentic, I had been told that it is progress.

But the aftermath of the Chinese food confession had nothing on the reaction to what I said when the lunchtime conversation turned to classic movies.

"I have never seen Ghostbusters."

Time stopped, jaws dropped, collective WHATs! were gasped. And I think some people were actually angry.

The looks of judgment I was receiving made me question just how sheltered I was. We had lots of movies growing up; we were one of the few houses in town with cable. I really have no reason for not seeing popular movies.  Though if I had to guess, I was probably reading. I was always reading. Or watching Sixteen Candles or The Cutting Edge, two of my movie classics.

And so began the dissecting of what other classic movies I had not seen. A list was drawn up of all the "classic" movies that I had not seen.

IMG 8097

I have committed to watching one movie a weekend provided that I am not on vacation and, if I am being honest, provided that I don't have something better to do. My first assignment was handed to me yesterday.

IMG 8095

The agreement was in place. And the looks of judgment had started to dissipate a bit.

And then yesterday I uttered the phrase "I have never seen Star Wars."

I really need to keep my mouth shut.

And keep living under my well-decorated, cozy rock.


  1. ok...go rent Back the Future...that is one of mine and Tim's favorite movies ever!!! they don't make movies like that anymore..

    Don't tell mom the babysitters dead - cute....Tommy Boy - hilarious...all the rest...classics!

    And for the record..I have not seen any of the Star Wars movies ever either :-)

  2. Pretty much every movie on that list is fantastic. I would add "The Great Outdoors" (a John Candy/Dan Aykroyd classic) and "Planes, Trains, & Automobiles" (a John Candy/Steve Martin classic). Out of the list you already have going, The Goonies is my favorite. It's one of those movies that I stop on every time I notice that it's on.

    As far as the Chinese food goes, there are a couple of good & more "authentic" places near where Joe and I live. Maybe when we get you to Annapolis, we can get Chinese food for dinner. :0)

  3. Jen @ Jen's Favorite CookiesApril 13, 2012 at 10:34 AM

    You really are living under a rock! This list looks like a really fun project to me. My brother once had a list like this, only his was restaurants he had never been to. And most of them were silly things, like Dennys.
    Did you enjoy Ghostbusters? (It was probably a better show 20 years ago!)

  4. Ive never seen any of those either- a high school boyfriend tre

  5. Haha, this made me laugh. I felt the same way growing up but in a different reason. We did eventually get satellite and watched newish movies but my parents never watched comedies so I missed out on a lot. People did the same to me when I mentioned I hadn't watched Waynes World and other well known comedies. I've made up for it now though. Your

    Go and get some chinese food down you gal, it's lovely!

  6. The only movie on your list I am judging you about is Back to the Future... you need to see them all. They are all amazing. You can skip Night at the Roxbury, it is truly a horrible movie. Star Wars are pretty amazing as well.

  7. I have never seen Star Wars. And I have no intentions of changing that.

  8. Back to the Future?! Star Wars?! Those you must see. But I had never seen Goonies until earlier this year and apparently that's a classic too.

  9. The Canton in West Annapolis is our favorite! Take her there!

  10. Teen Wolf was my favorite movie for years! In 6th grade I taped it off of TV (didn't have cable, so it's the edited version) and watched it every day after school. I knew all of the words. My sister and I still regularly quote it to each other. When I started dating a guy and told him of my love of the movie, he downloaded the soundtrack for me. I had no idea there WAS a soundtrack. So I married him.