Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mini Cinnamon Sugar Soft Pretzels

High on the list of reasons of why I cannot shop in shopping malls is the simple fact that the smell of Auntie Anne's pretzels makes me nauseous.  And every shopping mall has one. And that smell permeates through every square inch of every shopping mall.

But I do love soft pretzels. Especially cinnamon sugar soft pretzels. But I never thought to make them on my own until I read Bon Appetite's article and recipes on sweet doughs in the April 2012.  Inspired by just how simple the recipe was, I set to work and when all was kneaded and twisted a few hours later, I had delicious mini cinnamon sugar soft pretzels without the Auntie Anne's stench.

IMG 8092

Sweet victory was mine!

A very simple sweet dough recipe {here} is left to rise, then rolled into a 17-inch (approximately) dough rope

IMG 8087

and looped and knotted into a pretzel shape.

IMG 8088

I brushed an egg white wash atop each knotted pretzel and topped it off with a dash of cinnamon and coarse sprinkling sugar. So simple, so delicious!

And the scent of baking cinnamon sugar pretzel? Absolutely amazing!


  1. I bet they were amazing!!!

  2. I've never tried soft pretzels, are they sweet? They look it and look so yummy with the sugar on the top. I'm like you, I don't like the small pretzels, in fact, they make me feel sick just to look at them. Luckily, here in the UK, we don't have prezel stands permiating (sp?) their stench across the whole of the mall. If we did, I'd avoid like a plague too.

    Although, I dislike coffee, and curry. And their smells can often be found lurking in the food sections of malls and other places. Makes me vacate the area in 0.00001 second flat, lol!