Friday, April 20, 2012

In the iwbadg Beauty Bin: Garnier BB Creams

Whenever I have picked up a magazine in the past month, BB (Beauty Balm) creams are the hot topic.


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And to perfectly honest, it is only within the past month that I have learned what exactly a BB cream was. And then I wondered how I ever lived without it. I mean, if Oprah loves it....

I like to think of a BB cream as the MacGyver of beauty products for the face. Anything you need it to do no matter what the situation, it can reach inside its MacGyver bag and do it.

Sunscreen? Check.
Moisturizer? Check.
Light foundation? Check.
Make-up primer? Check.
Tone balancer? Check.
Wrinkle fighter? Check, check, check! (I think. You just never know with the wrinkle fighting claims.)

A BB Cream will take about seven lotions and potions that clutter your vanity shelf and combine them into one simple bottle. Because I am thrifty when it comes to trying out new beauty products, I went with the cheapest option on the market, the Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream. (I had a coupon and CVS Bucks. And it was on sale at CVS so I think I paid two dollars for it. But it retails normally for just under $15.)

IMG 7836

And it has earned spot in my skin care arsenal. It is very similar to a tinted moisturizer but I find the coverage to be better but not heavy. I have always been terrible at blending any sort of tinted facial product so I generally hate using them but I have had pretty good luck with this one.

I use it almost every day but I love it most on my Yoga Pants Days (Every Monday. And sometimes Saturday and Sunday.). Those days when I have no commitments and yoga pants are about all the dressing up I do to run errands. And on these days, I generally like to let my skin breathe a bit but do not want to scare people with my skin. The BB Cream on its own with no make-up on top is perfect for solving this problem!

Have you started using a BB cream? Do you love it?

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  1. I was thinking about trying a BB cream and bought the Garnier one after reading your post... I've used it the past two days and love it!