Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Desserts: What are you serving?

When it comes to selecting Easter desserts, I am always drawn to fresh and simple desserts.  Coconut cream pie. White layer cake with a fruit filling. Bowls of berries topped with dollops of fresh whipped cream.

IMG 7986

Let the Easter candy--arguably the best candy of any holiday--bring the flash and dazzle to the day. Wow your guests with a back-to-basics approach to dessert.

IMG 7981

And simple is what I intended this Easter cake to be. A very simple white layer cake with raspberry preserves in between. And then I started watching a flurry of youtube videos on cake decorating and I found myself in the kitchen whipping up pastel frostings and wrapping the cake in strands of ruffled buttercream.

IMG 7980

Simplicity is cake deep, right?

What dessert will be the sweet centerpiece of your Easter dinner?


  1. Birthday is next Friday...I'll take one of those!! :-) So beautiful!!!!

  2. OH MY! This is so awesome in many ways. I love, love, LOVE the ruffles and the beautiful pastel which are totally apt for Easter/Spring. I'm loving the Easter flag you created too. I have yet to learn the ruffle technique, any tips for me? :)

  3. This is adorable!!! So pretty - almost too pretty to eat