Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Express Shipment of OMG

As someone who does about 90 percent of my shopping online, nothing boggles my mind more than overnight shipping. How I can place a Zappos order at 9 p.m. on a Monday night and have my doorman call me at 11 a.m. on Tuesday morning saying my Zappos package has arrived just blows my mind!!!

I have always dreamed of following a package from start to finish just to see how it happens! Big dreams, people, I have them.

Naturally, NBC's Brian Williams with his connections and general charm and humor got to live my dream before I ever did.  So I had to tune in for Brian Williams' feature on Fedex on Rock Center last night as it tracked a ProFlowers package from 30 Rock in NYC to Long Island (though, seriously, NBC given this feature could you have picked a bit longer of distance for the package to travel).

The whole feature which included a behind the scenes look at FedEx was completely fascinating.  Watch it {here}.

But the one thing that blew my mind? The one thing that had me saying "Oh. My. God."? The one thing someone like me who receives at least one or two FedEx packages a week should not have been surprised by?

How on earth have I never noticed that there is an arrow embedded in the logo between the second "e" and the "x"?

Screen shot 2012 02 16 at 7 12 32 AM

Please tell me I am not the only one who never noticed this.


  1. Haha I thought that was common knowledge?

    Although you're right about everything else, FedEx is absolutely MIND BLOWING. And by mind blowing I mean YAY ONLINE SHOPPING!

  2. I never noticed that before, but now I will always notice it. In fact, I can't stop seeing it. I'm not good at those hidden objects puzzles though.

  3. Now I am definitely wondering what other logos I have completely overlooked some obvious graphic design in!

  4. Are you terrible at those posters where you are supposed to blur your vision and suddenly see dolphins or something? I have NEVER successfully viewed one of those posters!

  5. I never saw it! What did the say about it? I also can't see the D in Disney, always looks like a G to me.