Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Take Note {and Write a Note} Tuesday: The Anti-Valentine's Day Card

I had every intention of putting together a second post of Etsy Valentine's Day cards to complement last week's selections because there are just so many creative options. But then I stumbled upon all of the Anti-Valentine's Day cards and after I stopped laughing at all of them, I knew I had to share them.


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one: Snarky Valentine's Day card by Foglio Press

two: Anti-Valentine's Day card by adelynStone

three: Valentine's Day Bacon by 4/Four

four: Happy Singles Awareness Day by Vixens Empire

Each Tuesday I feature the most adorably delightfully beautifully stunning notebooks and stationery that I can find. I love love LOVE notebooks. I have a vast collection of notebooks that I either own or admire from afar. And stationery is just as fun. Because writing sweet notes is fun. Because getting mail is even more fun. Previous Take Note Tuesdays can be found {here}.

Have you seen or bought a notebook or journal  or stationery that you love love LOVE?  Send a link to it to me at iwbadg@gmail.com and it could be featured in an upcoming Take Note {And Write a Note} Tuesday!

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  1. The first card-I love! B/c that's kind of how I feel about Valentine's Day. I don't think we've ever really done anything extra special on Valentine's Day...prefer to stay in!