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{my sweet dc} Frosting: A Cupcakery

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Each week I play a tourist with a sweet tooth in the city I currently call home, Washington, DC visiting bakeries, ice cream shoppes, maybe even a food truck or two.  I visit a sweet destination in the DC Metro area, tell its story, and review the delicious treat or treats that I tried there. But I will also tell you what else you can do when visit that place: shops, tourists destinations, restaurants, and how you can get there via public transportation. So sit back and enjoy a sweet trip. For more on how {my sweet dc} started, click {here}.

The DC market is so sweetly saturated with cupcakeries that it seems to defy economic logic in this rough of an economy. And yet most of them seem to be not only surviving but also thriving. To be honest, I find it baffling. But if being baffled is the side effect of having a cupcakery in my neighborhood then I think I am okay with that.

Frosting: A Cupcakery is the lone cupcakery in the Friendship Heights neighborhood that straddles the border of the District of Columbia and Chevy Chase, Maryland. And the neighborhood is all the sweeter for having it!

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(Yes, it snowed here!)

The small shop is a perfect gathering place

IMG 6707

with cute decor inside. Love this built-in!

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The Sweet Factor: On this visit, I had bites of two cupcakes, the Elvis Pretzely: The King of Choc & Roll and the Edelweiss. The Elvis Pretzely cupcake has a pretzel cake bottom with white chocolate ganache and chocolate covered pretzel, pretzel crumbs, and coarse sea salt. The Elvis Pretzely has milk chocolate and white chocolate options. Obviously, I picked the white chocolate.

IMG 7337

I liked the crunch factor that the pretzel crumbs added and the sweet and salty contrast was amazing!

IMG 7342

And the Edelweiss might be the best cupcake I have had in recent months.

IMG 7339

The almond cake and almond frosting combination was heavenly and I had to stop myself from eating it all and going into a sugar coma.

The DC Factor: Is there a greater DC factor than the fact this is my beloved neighborhood of Friendship Heights?! Kidding, of course! But this is where I live and I can recite everything I love about it for hours and hours. But the Cliff Notes version: shopping, shopping, shopping: Neimans, Saks, Bloomingdales, Anthropologie, BCBG, Sephora, World Market, TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, Loehmans, Cole Haan. It is all right here.

IMG 7336

Frosting and sprinkles and other things of note: Small orders of cupcakes are placed in paper bags. Larger orders are put in pretty blue boxes. *** There is seating available inside and on the patio (when it is not covered in snow). *** Cupcakes are available for sale after 11 a.m.; prior to that, coffee and breakfast treats are served. *** Frosting now has a Saturday morning running club (the owners are both runners) which includes a three-mile run from the bakery and ends with a breakfast treat and coffee at Frosting. Hmm, almost enough to make me want to run. *** The menu flavor menu varies by day and can be viewed {here}.

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Getting there: Frosting is located at 1 Wisconsin Circle in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Take the Red Line to Friendship Heights and take the Western Avenue exit. When you get to the top of the big escalators, there are four possible exits. Continue straight ahead to the Western Avenue and Military Road Exit. At the top of that exit, turn right and walk through the bus stop. Frosting will be right in front of you. Such a detailed description, right? This is my daily commute, minus the daily Frosting stop. If only my metabolism allowed for that....

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The Sparkle Factor: I first visited Frosting when it opened nearly two years ago and I am so pleased to see the improvements in cake and service it has made over that time. It is just nice to see a little cupcake shop survive and thrive. When I walked into the shop on Saturday, it was bustling with activity. Four middle school boys sat on the barstool attacking their cupcakes post-soccer practice while one of their moms kept a watchful eye on them. A mother and her young daughter sat coloring at another table. And a couple looked to be having a very serious conversation at another table. It has become a neighborhood hangout and I think that just sparkles.

Visit the Frosting website {here} for more information.

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  1. oooh that looks so good, one of my good friends just moved out of friendship heights(and back to cville) I wish I made her take me there before she moved. :(