Wednesday, January 25, 2012

DIY Bracelet Bonanza

On my trip home over Christmas break, my dad mentioned that he was going to start making bracelets. Given that my parents are two of the most talented and craftiest people on the planet, I had no doubt he would be crafting up some perfect bracelets in no time.

When he asked what color bracelet I wanted, naturally I replied pink! And a pink bracelet arrived in my mail box last week.

IMG 7386

It is made from parachute cords and I love it. And as one of my coworkers told me, parachute cords are super strong so if I ever find myself in a situation where I am wearing the bracelet and need to repel down a wall, I now totally can.

(And yes, that is the sleeve of my leopard print bathrobe. Please don't think that I am not someone who lounges about in a bathrobe all day; I needed to snap some pictures before dashing off to work one morning and had not quite gotten dressed yet so it had to be done.)

Inspired by my dad's new found bracelet making skills, I was inspired to try making this bracelet that I spotted on Pinterest. (That picture is from the original maker of the bracelet, Henry Happened. Obviously, it is not me since there is no leopard print bathrobe sleeve anywhere to be seen.)

Dirty24 wrap

Pinterest has a magical way of making something so easy! And in reality, not so easy! FInding the cord ribbon proved to be the first challenge. None of my usual craft stores carried and my mom couldn't find it anywhere either. So I turned to ebay where I discovered that this type of cord is known by the completely klassy name of rattail.  And I purchased a few different colors from this seller who quickly shipped it my way.  Bead and rattail in hand, I was read to make bracelets!

IMG 7347

When you graduate college and grad school, your professors encourage you to keep all of your textbooks for your professional library. I have been a professional for about 8 years now in my actual field of study and never once have I used my textbook library for professional use. I have, however, used them to anchor down craft projects, quite frequently actually. My professors would be so proud.

IMG 7349

Now I am not sure if the original maker of this bracelet had a special kind of beads or magic fairy dust but my ribbon kept slipping off the beads instead of circling it like hers. Reading through the comments on the original post, I was not alone in this problem. So I turned to that which I always turn in times of crafting failure: my hot glue gun.

IMG 6713

A tiny drop or two on each bead kept everything in place. Sure it also left some hot glue strings on the bracelets but picking those off will be like free entertainment the next time I find myself in a boring situation: It's a bracelet and an activity!

The final bracelet does not look as perfect as the one pinned on Pinterest but I still like it!

IMG 7377

What Pinterest find have you made?


  1. love it! I have that bracelet pinned, but haven't made it yet! I love the bracelet your father made! So cute!!!!!!

    Have you thought about using a safety pin to hold the bracelet in place while working on it? That is what we used to use, growing up. We would pin it to our pants or something that wasn't going anywhere.

    I've only made one thing on pinterest - lime cilantro shrimp & avacado.

    ps...your dad should put these on Etsy!!!

  2. I love these bracelets! so cute! I esepecially like the gold beads