Friday, December 16, 2011

Dipping into the Babycakes Chocolatier

Last May, I wrote about the Babycakes Mini Whoopie Pie Maker. At the time, I thought it was pretty cool that baked goods had gone the George Foreman route.

Last week, I happened to make a rare trip to Kohl's to use some expiring Kohl's Cash to get a new bathrobe. While cutting through the housewares department to get to the register with the short, non-panic attack inducing line, I stumbled upon the display that made me realize Babycakes appliances are basically taking over the world. Donut makers! Cupcake makers! Whoopie Pie Makers! Mini pie makers! Pie pop maker! Cake pop makers! Oh my! George Foreman wishes he had thought of this!

Knowing I had a few Kohl's Cash dollars left to spend, my eye was drawn to the Babycakes Mini Chocolatier for dipping cake balls, cheesecake lollipops into chocolate.

IMG 6825

To be perfectly honest, dipping things in chocolate is one of my least favorite things to do. It is so messy and it never dips correctly. I have been using the Wilton Deluxe Chocolate Melting Pot for years of dipping. But time caught up with that pot and it just stopped heating consistently. So the wee chocolatier came home with me.

Rest assured, you are not hallucinating, it really is just a mini crockpot. And after reading the direction thoroughly, I learned that you cannot actually melt chocolate in it; you have to melt the chocolate in the crock in the microwave. The chocolatier allegedly keeps the chocolate heated evenly.

So I decided to put the Babycake chocolatier to the test during a recent Oreo-dipping project. I placed my Wilton candy melts in the crock

IMG 6827

And after a mind-numbing sequence of 30 second microwaving intervals, the chocolates were all melted and smooth.

IMG 6828

The Oreo dipping was super easy from that point.

IMG 6830

I was not all the wild that you cannot melt the chocolates in the crockpot and have to go through the whole microwave production but the chocolatier did keep the chocolate evenly melted. i approve. Best Kohl's Cash purchase ever. Well that and the leopard print terry-cloth bathrobe I also got that day.

Just one question, BabyCakes, could you please make a Mini Spinach Artichoke Dip Machine? Because that would basically make life perfect.


  1. You can always do what I do and enlist Erin to make you endless supplies of spinach artichoke dip.

  2. My MIL just got one of these, and I asked her to let me come help when she tries it out. If it works well, I may go pick one up. Cake balls would sure be easier than last year.

  3. Thanks this is so helpful to use i got one and i didnt know how to work it untill today