Saturday, November 12, 2011

Target, give me back my sparkly white picture frame!

Earlier this week, a few coworkers and I made a trip to the Target sort-of close to our office. While our office is located in one of the sketchiest parts of the DC area, we are fortunate enough to have a fairly nice and well-kept Target that is just ten-minute drive away. And perfect for a lunchtime escape from the cubicle.

I really did not need anything specifically during this particular trip so I wandered around the store and ended up placing a few random items in my baskets. One of these items was a sparkly white picture frame that was so perfect for an image that I have been wanting to frame. And its $4.99 price tag was appealing as well.

When it came time to check-out, the cashier scanned all of my items but held the picture frame for last.  She pushed a few buttons on the cash register and then turned to me and said, "This picture frame is part of the Halloween line and I am not allowed to sell it to you."

To be honest, I thought she was kidding.

Then she called a manager over who physically took the picture frame away, leaving me standing there jaw sort of flopping in shock and uttering the words "you mean I cannot buy it?"

No one offered any explanation and four days later, I still have no clue what on earth happened. I have a few theories:

  • A fellow Target employee really wanted that frame and thought they were sold out and asked her/his coworkers to set it aside if they saw it.
  • The frame contained government secrets.
  • The frame was being recalled for awesome sparkliness.

Or my last theory, Target, you are just kind of weird sometimes.


  1. Another possible explanation: there was a treasure map hidden inside!

  2. what? why wouldn't they want it sold if it was part of Halloween? Isn't that why everything is marked down 90%?

  3. I would have thrown a fit and called corporate. Seems that's the only thing that gets Target going some days. They used to not accept my coupons. I called corporate so many times and now life is soooo much better. :-)

  4. Why in the world would they keep you from buying it? I agree with Mrs. Jones - I would call corporate! That's ridiculous that they wouldn't take your money for something on their shelves.

  5. If I see Nicolas Cage wandering around SE DC, then we'll know that it WAS a hidden treasure made!

  6. They got in touch with me via Twitter (Thanks, Pamela for tweeting the link to them!) and said they are reviewing the situation. But I think a phone call might be in order!

  7. It was the first time I have encountered a store that didn't want my money. So weird!

  8. They did that to me once. I was trying to buy Natasha Beddingfield's first CD and they told me it had been recalled and I couldn't buy it. I wasn't even sure what to do so I just went along with it. I hope they get in touch with you soon!!

  9. I used to work retail, and in some situations, a title would be recalled by the publisher, so even though we had it on the floor, and in some cases, had sold a few, we had to grab all the copies off the shelves, and whatever display cases, and try to remember to grab any from customers at the register. I don't know what the deal is with the frame, though.